Our Motto: Farmers’ Pride

Agro Products

TFA Focused on providing farmers with a competitive and reliable source of high quality agricultural inputs, the idea of a one-stop shop for farmers was born out of its commitment to ensuring success for its Members and the wider farming community.
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Real Estate

TFA Arusha Shopping Centre.  It will also be developing at least two other regional shopping centres to cater for the growing demand for such facilities in other regional cities and towns.

Who we are

TFA has more than 4,800 members representing a cross-section of the Tanzanian farming community.  From small landholders to large commercial farmers, from villagers’ to government farms, from family owned farms to co-operative societies, TFA truly represents Tanzania’s farmers and their communities.



Through collective farm business development, and advocacy, we are building paths to wealth creation, not just income generation, toward a sustainable, fair food economy for all. We work with Partners across the globe.

TFA has mange to forge partnership with all the players in Agriculture and Agro inputs suppliers in the Tanzania and outside Tanzania.

Our partnership works well with the Government in Tanzania, regulators, non government Institutions, regional and global players in all over the world.

We are open for more partners in Food processing, Farming and Estate Development.